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Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.Helen Keller

Colombian Flag over Cartagena

Rich colors of the Bandera de Colombia flies over Cartagena

In January 2014, I relocated from Sacramento, California [US] to Barranquilla, Atlántico [Colombia], as a volunteer with WorldTeach, a non-profit organization that places teachers in the schools of developing countries. I received generous donations to help make it possible for me to come to Colombia and work with students, enabling them to become self-sufficient participants in a changing society.


Gugu, one of the cards found on my walk to work. English learner?

With the donations received, I am helping to better the lives of others in Colombia by teaching them English and thus increasing their overall chance for success through a 2nd language.  Please subscribe to my blog and follow my adventure living in Colombia, or read my tweets and send an update on what’s happening with you. ¡Disfrutar¡

The Many Words of Aic3la

Confessions of a scatterbrain at it's best....

No Particular Place To Go

We're baby boomers who are currently in Central America and have been traveling since September, 2012 after opting out of the "American Dream" and selling everything. Life as long-term travelers has challenged and changed us in unexpected ways, greatly enriched our lives and proven to be far more than we'd hoped for...

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Teacher | Artist | Travel Writer

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Teacher | Artist | Travel Writer


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