Searching for an independent writer with experience and expertise in living and teaching abroad? Looking for love in a content developer to create quality blog posts for your website?

The search is over. Look no further. You’ve found the right one here on katedana.com.

Hello! I’m Kate Dana. I am an independent writer who specializes in blog posts that help educational websites attract more traffic and English teachers with the joys and challenges of living abroad. I also contribute to travel and culture sites by creating dynamic web content based on my experiences living in South America since 2014.

Quite simply, I love to write about travel and leisure, inspiring others through teaching, and successful living abroad.kd-teachround-smReady to find out more? »»»


“[Kate Dana’s] execution of the project – both visually and content-wise – was exactly what we envisioned. She brought some really creative ideas that helped enhance the final product. The project was even completed slightly ahead of schedule.”

Denise Kelly, Marketing and Advertising Consultant, Avian Welfare Coalition, NY NY