Another California to Colombia Journey

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– Stephen Covey  (American author and businessman, 1932 – 2012)

Allison Kielhold
is coming to teach in Colombia! Here’s how you can help with her journey. 


Thumbs up! Allison will be a fantastic volunteer teacher.

Allison Kielhold of San Diego, California has recently been accepted into the WorldTeach Colombia 2016 Semester Program. Allison and her friend Janika visited Cartagena de Indias during their March 2016 travels on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. When we met, Allison asked about my experience moving from California to Colombia, especially how I managed to live well on such a tight volunteer budget. Focus, I explained, along with the concept of “Ask. Believe. Receive.”, leads to the idea that most goals are completely achievable with the winning combination of curiosity and determination. It also helps to have people who support your goals!


With Janika and Allison at Papaya Hostel in Getsemani

For more information on Allison and her plans, please enjoy this article by Sierra Service Project
Allison in Honduras

Allison working in Honduras alongside other volunteers and community members to build homes in 2010. Photo © Sierra Service Project

The volunteers in the Colombia 2016 Semester Program will be placed in schools for six months, teaching English as a Foreign Language. Allison is focused on raising a modest amount of $1,495 to pay for program cost and a plane ticket by June 2016. Please consider donating to Allison’s fundraising! This is a chance for you to help someone fulfill a dream of helping others and no amount is too small.

Allison Fundraising

Living abroad and accepting the challenges and celebrations that come with it includes being able to share these experiences with others who seek a similar existence. I am constantly motivated to independently mentor and encourage others in their pursuit of living and working abroad. Your donation to Allison will help in her to achieve this, as well as the amazing experience of living in Colombia. No doubt Allison will find all that I have here: the beauty of the country, the love of its culture and especially, connecting with its people, all made easier with help from your support. ¡Abrazos a ti, Allison! xo


Lunch at Totopo in Cartagena de Indias, talking about volunteering with Allison

Update June 14th, 2016: Allison will be living and working in my beautiful adopted city, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Congratulations, Allison! La Fantastica awaits you.


Author: Kate Dana

Teacher, Traveler, Writer. Caribbean coast of Cartagena, Colombia. Carolina coast of Charleston, SC.

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