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Nos Vemos, Puerto Vallarta

“A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.” – Richard Bach, American novelist

Good Morning, pretty city

While a visit to Puerto Vallarta is synonymous with sunny beach days and breezy nights, it helps to have some activity, perhaps even physical motivation, from the normal seaside vacation. Discovering Star-Mex Fitness and Aerial Silks was the perfect distraction from sunscreen and sand. From the first inversion in the silks with acrobatic and trainer Dahn Vallarta Centeno to the twists and swings of momentum that followed, it became obvious this is not a practice for the faint at heart.

Dahn shows off his expert climbing skills

read more about Star-Mex and Dahn Vallarta in Bay Vallarta magazine online

Dahn, who previously performed (and also trained dolphins) with Vallarta Adventures, offers several classes a day as well as private lessons, making this is a great alternative for any tourist or traveler who misses their workout but doesn’t want to feel like a gym rat on vacation.

If gliding in fabric over a small studio space isn’t your forté, you could try an eco-adventure for a vacation change. One opportunity, while not part of an actual tour, happened by chance with two friends who have started a debris-collecting and recycling company that peruses business piles after hours, resourcefully and responsibly turning trash into income.

A quick taco break between shifts!

With some clever names in the works for licensing, the partnership traverses the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta, as well as nearby Pitillal, aggregating cardboard, aluminum and plastic, then sorting the goods for cash.

While not a new concept to the modern world, recycling remains a non-competitive venture in many parts of Puerto Vallarta, despite some efforts to clean up the historic town.

Mouthwatering botanos from La Mesa del Coco

For the final day in Puerto Vallarta, aside from wrapping up details and securing bus travel to Guadalajara, happy hour at La Mesa del Coco was a low-key, local way to pass the afternoon, playing dominoes and enjoying delicious offerings from the bar.

Singing as the sun sets, buenas noche to another day

A final walk along the Malecon to enjoy a cloudy sunset, snack on a creamy cup of elote with cheese and salsa, and make a few purchases, including a colorful blanket and a woven basket from Alfareria Tlaquepaque, a huge treasure trove /store of gifts and classic Mexican households.

Colors! Gracias, Alfarería Tlaquepaque

Walking through the 5 de diciembre neighborhood early in the morning, this traveler said adios once again, knowing Puerto Vallarta will always be here, ready to rejuvenate or relax the spirit, and remembering that “adios” means both hello and goodbye.

Calle Colombia and this traveler’s studio apartment in the background

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