kd-yellow-driveI am an international traveler and independent writer with 5 years’ experience living and working in Colombia and Mexico. Currently, I am employed in a bilingual (Spanish) position with the State of California and pursuing a Trinity diploma through Oxford TEFL in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 

My sense of adventure in life and enthusiasm for education continually motivate me to seek memorable experiences of joy and purpose. In addition to being a teacher and a writer, I am a PADI-certified, Open Water diver and a Class M-licensed vehicle operator. When I’m not working, writing, or teaching, I enjoy SCUBA diving, riding my vintage Vespa and staying connected with friends around the world.

Isla San Andres, Colombia August 2019

About My Love for Spanish

I believe the greatest parts of my life happened after learning a second language. I began studying Spanish in 2010 and quickly discovered that understanding another language leads to endless opportunities. Among other positive attributes, being bilingual allows me to make meaningful connections in new places on a deeper level.

I’ve passed proficiency tests, nurtured relationships with non-English speakers, and successfully explored areas where Spanish was the only language spoken for miles. Although native speakers often comment (directly and indirectly) about my Spanish being far from fluent, I continue to learn and grow with the language I love, cada dia.