A life without limits is the only one worth living
~ Kate Dana (inspired by Nick Vujicic

I am an 8th-generation granddaughter to civil rights activist and author Richard Henry Dana, for whom Dana Point, CA is named. I support human equality and I revel Dana’s bold history, like his opposition of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. A former English language teacher with 5 years’ experience living and working in Colombia and Mexico, I am currently employed in a bilingual (Spanish) position with the State of California.

About My Love for Adventure

Isla San Andres, Colombia August 2019

I was born with a curiosity that continually motivates me to seek memorable experiences of joy and purpose. I love riding my vintage Vespa on winding roads and SCUBA diving in ocean waters. Since my 40th birthday, I have enjoyed zip lining over giant forests, rappelling off cliffs into waterfalls, visiting historic landmarks, car camping in my Honda Element, and sleeping in a hammock over the Caribbean sea, mostly all as a solo traveler.

About My Love for Spanish

A student of Spanish since 2010, I’ve passed difficult proficiency tests, lived comfortably where Spanish is the first language spoken, created lasting relationships with non-English speakers, and discovered limitless opportunities that come with knowing another language.

Each day I give thanks for this beautiful language and continue to love and learn Spanish cada dia en mi vida.