Affiliate Disclosure

Hello valued reader! I’m so glad you’ve found my website. Whether you are new and discovering what’s here or a return subscriber hanging on my every word (they’re out there!), I am excited about writing online and inspiring others to live their best life.


My website features ideas, articles and inspiration for independent thinkers seeking optimum well-being with plenty of real-life humor and the occasional, enthusiastic nerd-out. I also love to write about being an independent writer!

I believe we all have the power to find and do what make our lives interesting, fulfilling, and fun regardless of where we are at any given moment or where we’ve been before. I am a forward-thinker who thrives on positive change. Even after some crazy situations (typically from not-so-awesome choices), I continue to forge ahead.

Sometimes, when I recommend a product or service, I will link to the company’s website using an affiliate or referral link. If a reader decides to buy a product or service they found found via this link, I receive a commission from the vendor as a small “thank you.”


Occasionally, the commission is just a few dollars or just a one-time commission. It may also be a rolling commission — for example, if you sign up for a monthly subscription service, I may get a slice of that monthly fee.

Think of it as a pie – everyone likes pie, right? I like pie, and I enjoy receiving slices from commissions while readers receive a slice of information. Not only am I getting a little treat, but also readers are getting a taste of how to live a more joyful life.


“Pies, Pies, Pies” (1961) by Wayne Thiebaud, CSU Sacramento alumni

The important thing to note is that this referral from an affiliate link doesn’t cost readers a dime; the entire commission comes out of the vendor’s pocket. For this reason, I will never recommend a product simply because it pays a commission (eeww, creepy). I will only recommend products I have personally used or that come highly recommended by trusted peers.

Finally, when I am using an affiliate link because I will put (affiliate link) after it like this: WordPress (affiliate link). Please note that I may not have marked some links in older posts as clearly as this, so the safest thing to assume is that any time I link to a third-party product, I may get a small commission. OK! Now, who wants pie?