If you’re alive, you’re a creative person. We are all makers by design.”
~ Elizabeth Gilbert, American author and creator

Whether I’m cutting up magazines to make a vision board, layering printed card stock for stationery, or fiercely wrapping yarn to make a pompom, once that creativity grabs me, it puts me in a trance that later results in something tangible, colorful, and eclectic.

Creative Veganizing with EVA

Colombian arepas with soy queso and tofu:
one of many vegan-ized favorites!

Like many people, I consider cooking a creative practice. I love to try cooking (and eating) new recipes, especially ones I am able to cook meat-free or VEGANIZE: make vegan by adjusting a few ingredients. Look around the site for the code word EVA™ the acronym for Eating Vegan Adventures. (Like all adventures, some of them are less favorable than others!)

Create photo © Tim Mossholder