Since 2012, I have been a teacher living and working outside of my native United States. In addition to my proficiency in managing large groups and delivering skillfully crafted presentations, I have several years of experience in Graphic Design and Digital Content Management. My expertise in copy writing and developing WordPress websites, combined with fine art and print design, allows me to excel at a multitude of services. Additionally, I enjoy teaching and training groups or individuals in how to create and maintain WordPress websites. Please contact me for more information. 

If you have creative work, you don’t have age or time. 
– Louise Nevelson, American Sculptor, 1900-1988

From 2004 to 2009, I worked as a freelance graphic and web designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, collaborating with businesses and organizations such as the Glide Foundation and First Kick Scooters/SF Moto. I also worked as a full-time sub-contractor with Lullaby Lane Baby and Kids Superstore in San Bruno, CA. 

Glide Foundation
Freelance work for Glide Foundation, San Francisco
Freelance work for Glide Foundation, San Francisco

Working with Lullaby Lane, I matured from a junior designer creating signs and flyers to a senior designer developing web advertisements and banners, managing a mailing list of over 6,000  subscribers, and printing large-format graphics for sales and events.  After more than 60 years, the business closed their doors in 2011. I feel fortunate to have spent a majority of my graphic design experience learning and growing with this great company.

Example mail piece for Lullaby Lane
Mail piece for Lullaby Lane featuring Matrix children’s furniture
Mail piece for Lullaby Lane featuring Matrix children’s furniture

From 2007 to 2012, I worked in Information Technology with the State of California, where I supported more than 1,000 employees with technical support and IT solutions, as well as wrote informative articles for the statewide employee newspaper.  After 5 years of State service, I relocated to Guadalajara, Jalsico, México to study Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
From my teaching website

After receiving my TEFL certificate, I spent a few months as English teacher before becoming a teacher of computers, or Maestra de Informática. My SEP-standard curriculum included the instruction of graphic and web design to preparatory-level (high school) students.  

Informática BAS
WordPress website created while teaching Informática in México

Currently, I teach high school English Literature and Creative Writing as well as Information Communications Technology in Cartagena de Indias, Bolivár Colombia. The continued instruction in both these subjects utilizes my writing and technical experience as well as allows me to share my knowledge and practice with others.