Boston terrier with succulents

Pet Sitting

Please note! My paws are filled with requests from my most loyal families, and I am currently not accepting new clients.

Pawsitive Pet Sitter Beginnings

My pet-sitting journey began around 2018 when I was asked to step in last minute for a friend who was scheduled to provide care for two cats and a dog.

Their family was traveling for eight weeks to Australia and, like many pet paw-rents, they wanted someone to stay in their home versus boarding their fur babies.

Pet sitting with happy pets living La Vida KD photo ©2023

Eight weeks?! First time!? I had just returned from living in Colombia and was still in search of an apartment, so I immediately said yes… and I’m so glad I did!

While searching for my new home, I enjoyed caring for three adorable pets in theirs. What started as a sudden opportunity turned into a fantastic side hustle for many years to come!

Pet sitting with happy pets living La Vida KD photo ©2023

Half a Decade of OPP – Other People’s Pets

During my half-decade-plus of pet-sitting, I’ve had the privilege of caring for a diverse range of furry friends, from playful kitty cats to high-energy dogs. It always brings me joy to interact with the unique personalities and notable quirks that make each pet special.

A Pitbull smiles with its pink tongue out next to Kate Dana on the grass in this photo ©Kate Dana

I take great pride in my ability to create a stress-free environment, ensuring that all beloved companions receive the love, attention, and care they deserve. I am insured through Pet Sitters Associates, which allows me to provide comprehensive care with confidence.

Pet sitting with happy pets living La Vida KD photo ©2023

Your Pets Deserve the Best

In the meantime, if you need excellent pet care, you may want to consider using an online platform or app that offers pet sitting. While I’ve not used nor worked with these types of services myself, I believe that they connect pet owners with experienced and reliable caregivers in their area. They often provide a reputable way to find dedicated individuals who have a passion for pet care.

Pet sitting with happy pets: a grey kitty cat snuggles up to Kate Dana, who is wearing a leopard print coat in this color photo for living La Vida KD photo ©2023 Kate Dana

Whatever you decide to do, your pets deserve the best. Keep showering them with the companionship they crave and continue to appreciate the unconditional love they give in return. Remember, the best pet adventures are yet to come!