“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

~ Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
*Humanitarian, author, and my 8th great-grandfather

From 2013 to 2018, I was an international educator living and working in Mexico and Colombia. My experience includes all levels – primary, secondary, and adult. I’ve instructed in many different environments, from teaching fourth and fifth grade English in a public school to delivering Business English skills in a multinational, corporate setting.  

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Guadalajara / Puerto Vallarta / Bogotá / Barranquilla / Cartagena de Indias

Teaching Timeline

I received my certificate in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language from the International Teacher Training Organization in Guadalajara, México in 2012. A four-week intensive program with an emphasis is on continual assessment and feedback, the ITTO TEFL included live learning observations, techniques in classroom management, and lesson plan development.

In 2013, I taught English with ages 10 to adult at a language center in Tlaquepaque, México before relocating to Puerto Vallarta, where I taught secondary-level Informática at the British American School.  As an instructor in the study of computer sciences, I developed lessons based on a curriculum that included graphic design, coding, word processing, and web development.

Teacher Training, Dec. 2012

I moved to Barranquilla, Colombia in 2014 as a year-long volunteer with a U.S.-based, global program designed to meet the needs of world learners. As a volunteer, I taught 4th and 5th-grade English at Colegio Distrital Hogar Mariano, a faith-based school in the diverse community of Barrio Ceiba. Just prior to completing my year-long commitment, I searched for work along the coast and landed an excellent opportunity in Cartagena de Indias.

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In 2015 , I relocated to Cartagena to work with Aspaen Gimnasio Cartagena de Indias.  During my time at GCI, I taught English literature and creative writing at the secondary-level with grades 9 to 11. In my second year, I was appointed Area Director of Information Communications and Technology (ICT), leading grades 7 to 11 in academic studies for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations from the University of Cambridge.

Following a short break to the United States, I returned to Colombia and worked until December 2018 with BBE Languages (formerly Bogotá Business English) as a Communication Strategist and Teacher in Barranquilla. In this role, I helped business professionals within multinational corporations learn valuable skills to communicate more effectively with their clients. 

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