In January 2014,  I completed several Practicum hours as part of the WorldTeach orientation, which required volunteers to demonstrate their teaching skills in a live classroom setting, as well as the opportunity to receive feedback from support staff and peers.


For my Practicum, I worked with a team at Colegio Colsubsudio Chicalá in Bogotá, teaching students ages 8 to 10 years (grades 3 and 4). The focus of our classes were English vocabulary, including reading and writing, with a focus on grammar and pronunciation.

The required learning objective was to learn and use the names of family members (father, mother, aunt, cousin, etc) and apply the word “can” as an informal ability request.


As a basis for the lesson, I used the book Frida Maria: A Story of the Old Southwest by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, first having students actively listen to the story about a family, and then working as a group to create a class “family” using names from the book. We also wrote a short story about a typical day for the family, and students took turns reading the story aloud.

The lesson was deemed a success by WorldTeach observers, resulting in an enthusiastic response from students and a positive first experience as a teacher in a Colombian classroom.


With my student “family” at Colegio Colsubsidio Chicalá, January 2014