US: Sacramento, CA

sac·ra·ment [sak-ruh-muh nt], noun: a visible sign of inward grace; something regarded as possessing a sacred character

People who visit California typically race straight to San Francisco, bypassing the things to see and do just 2 hours north in the charming city of Sacramento. Contrary to the popular song about the Bay Area, it’s also easy to also leave your heart in the Capital City.


Sacramento is flat, spread out, easy to navigate, and fun to explore on a bicycle or Vespa. The center of town, referred to as the Midtown Grid, is mapped out in letter and number named streets. 

Small Businesses are supported, appreciated and loved by the locals. Although some places have been here for years and others have closed, most have acquired loyal clientele that wouldn’t dream of shopping at big box retailers. 

Midtown mi Corazón

Midtown mi Corazón © Kate Dana 2011

Outside of the Grid, you have wonderful neighborhoods like Curtis Park and bigger areas like Natomas. If you enjoy driving, you might try Carmichael or Elk Grove; the suburbs have a restaurant and shopping culture all their own.

For nature lovers, Sacramento features the American River for rafting and swimming, large parks for relaxing or enjoying music festivals, and plenty of year-round Organic Farmer’s Markets.

When you’re ready to visit Sacramento, be prepared to check out some local digs, talk to people you meet (it’s a friendly city), and make it a point to do something different and fun.


Whatever you come up with and however long you stay, the City of Trees is definitely sure to please with a little bit of something for everyone. In fact, the definition of Sacrament(o) includes “inward grace,” which hopefully arouses within its visitors some outward intrigue. Enjoy!